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Most boys are confusing to girl by saying they love u but u know they don’t love u buz if they did everybody would call u his name but nope not how most boys work. I am going to tell u a story about a boy i have met. His is Adam Hunter and he loved me (that right there isnt right) and i loved him so we went out ( on and off again type of relationship) just know he left me for a 5th grader who is really ugly and a female dog buz she stole my man and i loved him we were planning on getting married at the age of 12. Now he loves a 5th grader. Oh yea if i dont say anything in a while i am in jail for murder……


Sorry i have been gone for a long time it is just that i have been really busy latly and it is messing up my time. So i am back now and if u have any questions I will answer them.